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The digital, playful engagement programs from WeAct support organizations in the transformation of the company culture and in the change of behaviors in the area of sustainability, promotion of the workplace health and collaboration


From the 9th to the 29th of September 2019 the We Act Challenge took place. It was a complete success! 525 diligent participants from all over Switzerland conducted a total of 18,873 actions around the topics of sustainability, health and team spirit, saving more than 15 tonnes of Co2. We congratulate all participants on this great success and sincerely thank all participants for this extraordinary engagement.

You can find more about the challenges from WeAct on www.weact.ch.


With the We Act Challenge promote in the company:

Motivation und Teamgeist

Team spirit and enjoyable working atmosphere

Engagement für Umwelt und Gesellschaft

Engagement for the environment and the society

Wohlbefinden und Gesundheit für Mitarbeiter

Employee health and wellbeing

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