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Sleep Challenge

The sleep challenge might be having one of the biggest positive impacts on me. I've always been a bad sleeper, ever since I was a kid. Even when I had nothing to be stressed about, I would still be plagued with sleep issues - waking up at the slightest sounds and then being so frustrated that the frustration thoughts would keep me awake. And even knowing sleep is always a challenge, I'd still find myself only going to bed at midnight all the time because I'd try to pack too much into my days and evenings.
When I saw the sleep task, I was doubtful I could manage the challenge of getting 7-8 hours sleep a night. I admit I picked it just because I'd be able to get a lot of points if I could do it. So I made a point of going to bed early every night since this challenge started. I forced myself to set priorities to get everything done before 10pm so I could try for 8 hours of sleep in a row. And I'm surprised to find that it works! I think by going to bed earlier and not keeping myself "busy" til midnight, I actually give myself the time I need to wind down and really relax. By making SLEEP the priority, rather than making other things the priority, I find that I can actually do this! This will be one thing I intend to continue with after the We Act challenge is over. :-)