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Getting my work done with more power in reserve

There is nothing like a challenge! Totally keeps me on my toes – truly on my toes! Since the WeAct challenge started I have been moving more (less from out of my car and into my car, but onto a bike or even walking - what a concept :-) ), eating healthy, drinking enough water (I drink water but usually not enough … ), and enjoying meeting colleagues that I don’t work with directly – yeah :-).
Moreover, this challenge really started with meeting new colleagues.

Our HEALTHY NUTS team is a medley between new and longstanding employees of the company. It was cool to see how by asking one colleague of mine the team grew to be a unique mix of 7 people at the end. It was already clear that we all were able to achieve the WeAct objective “to get to know a colleague better” or say something positive to someone.

The great thing about having this type of goal is that you are more aware of what you should be doing on a daily basis. (Like, right now – I should be drinking some water; I only had about 400 ml, not enough to meet my goal for today …)

All in all, joining forces with others from a different department is refreshing and the exchange has been nothing but fun! I miss the team and I hope see them very soon – I had to move to another department which is located in another building 5 minutes walking distance … and no I will not take the car but walk!  ha ha, the thought does cross my mind I have to admit :-)
And, I am so happy to finally work out again after a 9 months break – no – no pregnancy :-).
Thanks to the WeAct challenge, I am motivated and back on track – with extra fun factors that I didn’t expect added on a daily basis. I joined our weekly workouts (our company pays for an amazing personal trainer to do HIT for one hour once a week!!) and I am going to go to a Yoga class this week. Needless to say I will try to walk or take the bike to work. That is not always easy since I have to pick up my daughter from her school 2x week and she goes to school in another country, thanks to Basel’s Basel-muda’s triangle lol we can enjoy a multicultural life.

I am more environmentally conscious on all levels of my life. At work and at home! Current focus is on my food intake. The 5 portions of fruit and vegetables are difficult but once I read that a handful is one portion, it felt more manageable. Not to forget my HEALTHY NUTS teammates, every day there is someone with fruit!

I also prepare my lunch now, to ensure I get my veggies in. I needed to make a fast and easy dish. So, I chopped a handful of broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes, as well as spicing the sauce up with chili peppers and scallions! The sauce is a true olive oil toss with salt and pepper. I left my veggies raw and mixed my 2 cups of pasta in – what a delicious meal. My energy levels are high after eating healthy. I hope today to prepare some veggies and eat some fruit, drink my 2 liters of water and yes of course get my work done with more power in reserve!