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The digital, playful engagement programs from WeAct support organizazions in the transformation of the company culture and in the change of behaviors in the area of sustainability, promotion of a healthy workplace and collaboration. 

We Act Challenge dates

9th–29th September 2019


Companies registration: until 23.8.2019

Participants registration: from 26.8.2019



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How the Challenge works – over three weeks




  1. Company registration
    Register your company with the Registration form. At least 3 weeks before the start of the Challenge you will receive material for the internal communication.

  2. Employees registration
    2 weeks befor the start of the Challenge: employees register on the Challenge website and form teams of 3 to 8 members.

  3. Implement actions
    During the Challenge: employees set goals, perform actions and earn points. Effort: about 2 minutes per day.

  4. Profit and win
    After the Challenge: everyone benefits and the best have the possibility to win great value prizes (objects and experiences). 


The WeAct Platform

Access the platform with the Mobile App (iPhone, iPad or Android) or with your browser.

We Act Challenge App

Platform Demo


Participants can choose their goals from more than 20 actions

Healthy employees

Wohlbefinden und Gesundheit für Mitarbeiter

Examples of actions:

  • train healthy working posture
  • Team sport
  • Testing health status

Healthy environment

Engagement für Umwelt und Gesellschaft

Examples of actions:

  • Have a vegetarian diet
  • By bike or public transport to work
  • Recycle at workplace

Healthy company culture

Motivation und Teamgeist

Examples of actions:

  • Standing / walking meeting
  • get to know a colleague better
  • Celebtrate succes in the team

download list of actions in 2019 [PDF]  


Participant voices

„The website is very professionell and easy to understand. The actions are well balanced and lead the team step after step from simple to more complex topics."

Urs von Arx
CEO of the HHM Group

„WeAct's digital employee engagement program (...) has motivated our team to embrace new eco-friendly and social activities."

Regula Schenkle-Luthiger
Director Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility at AXA Winterthur


Service packages

As a trial
Together with other companies at a fixed date during three weeks
  • 20 actions about health, sustainability & collaboration
  • Access via browser & mobile apps
  • 1 language (out of 4) included
  • Platform features: build teams, set objectives, log actions, team ranking
  • Prize raffle
  • Certificate for participants
  • Digital communication materials
1'500.– per company
plus 30.– per participant
Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises
Together with other companies at a fixed date during three weeks
Includes all «START» features, plus:
  • 2 languages (out of 4) included
  • Prize for best team in your company
  • Team communication features (chat & events) on platform
  • Company dashboard
  • Import of participant accounts
  • Company certificate (digital)
  • General evaluation report
  • Webinar for administration
3'000.– per company
plus 30.– per participant
Popular with large organisations
Customizable, flexible solution, exclusive for own organisation
  • Flexible duration & dates
  • Selection from 80+ actions and customizing options
  • All features from Standard package available
  • Corporate identity (CI), branded apps
  • Custom challenge URL
  • Use company user accounts (single sign-on)
  • plus even more customization options
Price per company: from 10'000.–
Price per participant: up to 30.–

Show bundles: Overview  |  Details

Subsidised prices: You would like to participate but you currently lack the financial resources? As an impact-driven social enterprise, WeAct would like to enable the participation for as many organisations as possible. Please contact us.


Book flexibly additional services

Kick-off event (presentation) 500.–
Printed flyers * (format A5) | pc. –.50/pc.
Printed posters * (format A5) | pc. 2.–/pc.
Webinar for administration 250.–
Import of participant accounts (via Excel file) 250.–
During the challenge
Additional languages (available: D, E, F, I) 500.–/Language
Pencils * 2.–/pc.
Tote bags * 10.–/pc.
Sponsoring & help to shape a action on request
Single sign on (sign-up with company log-in) on request
Company dashboard 500.–
Company specific evaluation report 250.–
Company certificate (framed, A4) 250.–
Company certificate (digital) 150.–
Closing event (support with organizing) 500.–
Award for best team of company 250.–
Long term access to platform (6 months) 80.–/person
* while stocks last

Detailinformationen zu den Zusatzleistungen [PDF]


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